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Working Methodology

Our team of experts use the following extensive four phased approach when dealing with business challenges and framing solutions



Reliant Brown engages with their clients from Day 1 and understands their current business model, processes, products and services. We identify whether the current business structure and solutions implemented by the company are really an effective and workable driver in the industry.Secondly, we strive to understand what the client really needs in terms of business enhancements and to make them a key player in the industry. We collect certain facts, figures, and data from them to help analyze their current position and potential for growth or to address their business challenges.


We use the information and knowledge gathered in the Discover phase and transform them into workable and practical solutions. Our focus also remains on creating customized solutions and options that are not only realistic but also feasible in terms of scope, schedule, and budget.All different options and solutions are discussed with our clients and then are narrowed down using stress-test methodologies to ensure the options left with offer value proposition to our clients.


In this stage, we analyze the final solution and ensure it is the most effective driver to solve problems of our clients or to help them transform their business. This solution is then applied in the most efficient manner while ensuring it serves its goals and objectives.Depending on the severity, impact, and scale, we also implement the solution on a pilot basis to get a feel of its implementation phases and the results. Once those results are satisfactory and meet all key performance criteria, the finalized solution is then applied on a full-blown basis.


This is the final phase in which we measure the effectiveness of the entire value chain proposition. Even though this phase goes in parallel with other phases (Discover, Develop, and Apply), its key role is evident following the ‘’Apply’’ phase.Once the solution is applied, we strive to gather results and test key parameters to ensure the solution applied ‘indeed’ helped our clients. It is important for us that our clients achieve their desired results. Our success is determined by their success and we make every effort in ensuring the results are achieved in the manner desired.