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Our Services

Reliant Brown takes great pride in its Innovation culture and practices and having products, services, and solutions that are built in-house and are unique in the market. We strive to provide our customers Value that no other can provide.

Our Services - Management and Strategy Consulting
Management and Strategy Consulting

Reliant Brown works with its clients to design customized framework of organizational structure and mechanics that helps its employees get organized and deliver in a very focused and structured manner.

Through a suite of tailor-made consulting products and services, we provide support, direction, and useful insights that help management get knowledge around key drivers that support their employees’ productivity, business outcome, and organization behavior.

We also deep dive into the behavior and interdependencies of market and economy and generate useful guidelines that help our clients formulate long and sustainable strategy for both organization and business.

Our Services - Data Analytics
Data Analytics

Companies are getting smarter and economical the way they run their business. Using Data Analytics tools and services, we help our clients accelerate operations and performance. Given huge amount of both structured and unstructured data that a company houses, we use raw data and help generate actionable and meaningful plan.We provide Data Analytics in the following areas –

Costs Optimization
Resource Utilization
Inventory Usefulness

Whether you are in highly volatile banking or financial sector or in the hospitality business, whether you make airplanes or sell consumer goods, making the data support your overall organizational growth is crucial to be competitive and be perceived as a key market player.

Our Services - Procurement Audit
Procurement Audit

Procurement and Sourcing activities are something that every company would undertake either frequently or when needed.  Reliant Brown possesses wide and deep expertise in assessing and evaluating procurement practices and sharing whether those are in alignment with industry standards or whether there is scope for further improvement.

We use our in-house products to gather data around your sourcing practices and based on certain parameters we share whether the products and services that you purchase are competitive and reasonable in terms of value for money, timeliness, accuracy, and need.

The procurement assessment results that we share will tell you where you stand vis-à-vis your competitors and what actions can help you undertake industry leading practices.

Our Services - IT Services and Solutions
IT Services and Solutions

In today’s globalized world, it is important to deliver products or services that are not only simpler, quicker and secured, but also leaner.

We use IT services and solutions to build leaner processes using Process Improvement methodology. This helps our clients remove any redundant activity or set of activities that do not add value and focus on those that add value.

We also help companies automate their activities or processes which could further remove manual intervention and hence remove likelihood of rework.

Our Services - Enterprise Mobility
Enterprise Mobility

It is important for companies to stay connected with their partners, employees, suppliers, customers, and clients. This is a world of “Business, anywhere anytime” and towards this end, we devise policies, programs, strategies, and implementation models that companies can leverage to have their own “Business, anywhere anytime” framework in practice.

Staying connected requires time, efforts, resources, and above all money. All these are considered critical components for an organization and we use our experience and expertise in this area to make customized solutions for companies that can have an optimal use of all of these resources.

We provide companies with a detailed plan on how to remain effectively and efficiently mobile using tools, processes, and a long term sustainable strategy.

Our Services - Industry Research
Industry Research and Trend Prediction

Employees at Reliant Brown firmly believe in remaining up to date with the world surrounding them and keep innovating and evolving to outsmart their competitors. We have a team of dedicated resources that help research ongoing industry practices and use business intelligence in showcasing the upcoming trend.

We do research across a wide array of industries, products, and services. We also analyze a number of parameters in a number of countries to see what those have to offer considering factors such as social, political, and economic interdependencies.

Based on our intensive and wide research, we generate data that show ongoing industry practices and also the upcoming or anticipated trend. This information helps our clients to be ready on the ground to embrace any upcoming expected change.

Our Services - Corporate training
Corporate Training

Reliant Brown believes in sharing knowledge where required and training both budding and experienced minds with the goal of building future dynamic and smart professionals.

We develop our own training material given our expertise, experience, and exposure in relevant domains and visit campuses across Corporates and Universities that show interest in keeping themselves up to date.

We conduct workshops and training sessions as per invitation from industries and universities.