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Reliant Brown has launched a leading and innovative product called "Dependocare" in the field of Knowledge management. Simply put, Dependocare helps you share key financial knowledge with your Dependants. This sharing of knowledge takes place in a very secured and flexible manner. We allow you to take control of what you want to share and the people you want to share with.

The harsh reality of life is that Death is certain and not sharing your investments with your Dependants may expose them to financial instability or distress. Keeping this in mind, Reliant Brown has come up with this extremely simple, reliable, and easy-to-use tool to allow you to share with your loved ones the investments you made. This will make sure your Dependants are aware of various financial sources, especially during the time of financial distress, if any.

We give you flexibility to choose what you want to share while we ensure such data remain absolutely secured*. Dependocare has two paid features at a very affordable price – Premium (INR 129) and Elite (INR 149) depending on the asset classes you choose to share.

How It Works

Dependocare works in three simple steps –

Step 1: Sign-up
Step 2: Enter your Investments
Step 3: Enter your Dependants

Pay & Send - A secured and password protected pdf file will be emailed to your Dependants. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more details.

  • Sign-up
  • Investments
  • Dependants


Step 1


Step 2

Please select your plan Dependocare has two paid features at a very affordable price – Premium (INR 129) and Elite (INR 149). With Premium, you can share Debt and Equity whereas with Elite you can share Debt, Equity, and Insurance details with your Dependants.

Fixed Deposit

Bank/Inst. NameMaturity AmountMaturity YearName of A/C Holder Name of 2nd A/C Holder

Public Provident Fund

Bank/Inst. NameYear of IssueName of Account Holder Name of 2nd Account Holder


Step 3