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Reliant Brown has launched a leading and innovative product called “Dependocare” in the field of Knowledge management. Simply put, Dependocare helps you share key financial knowledge with your Dependents. This sharing of knowledge takes place in a very secured and flexible manner. We allow you to take control of what you want to share and the people you want to share with. Not sharing your investments with your Dependents may expose them to financial instability or distress. Keeping this in mind, Reliant Brown has come up with this extremely simple, reliable, and easy-to-use product called “Dependocare” to allow you to share with your loved ones the investments you made. This will make sure your Dependents are aware of various financial sources, especially during the time of financial distress, if any.

Welcome to Reliant Brown
Reliant Brown is a leading Advisory, Analytics, and Audit firm that provide solutions to your business needs and works with you to create a strong position for your business. In addition, we also provide a host of other services such as IT products, services, and solutions, Enterprise Mobility, Industry Research and Trend Prediction, and Corporate Training.We strongly believe that these services will enable you to create an ideal work organization that imbibes some of the Industry’s best practices while focusing on ease, simplicity, speed, and quality of doing business.

We help you optimize your resources to achieve advantage over other competitors in the industry. Our expertise in different fields of Business Management can help you in overcoming complex business problems and find practical solutions. We strive in achieving excellence for our clients and work with them to turn their vision into reality.

In a globalized world, it is important to stay ahead of the game by understanding dynamic behavior of markets and industries.  We help you create and implement business model which incorporates this dynamic behavior.  We use our expertise, experience, and latest industry trends to give you the most optimal solution for your business.

What sets Reliant Brown different and far ahead from its Competitors?

  • Host of Products, services, and solutions that are current and most relevant in today’s market conditions
  • “Innovation” culture at Reliant Brown that has helped create products, services, and solutions that are unique
  • Scalable, agile, and high quality offerings
  • Work end to end with customers until the desired results are achieved
  • Employees have global mindset and approach, promoting the philosophy of “Think Global, Act Local”
  • We deliver what we promise and promise what we can deliver


Share your Investments with your Dependents in a flexible and secured manner

Procurement Audit

Expertise in assessing & evaluating procurement practices

Management Consulting

Tailor made consulting products and services

IT Services & Solutions

To build leaner processes using Process Improvement methodology

Data Analytics

Accelerate operations and performance

Corporate Training

Training both budding and experienced minds